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Valentine for good friend :iconediemammon: :) :heart: This artwork features the lovely Constance Pyestock, :iconediemammon:'s OC Bonita, and my other OC Ferris Wells hanging out at the famous Marineland complex, the largest public aquarium in existence.
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The-Kiwi-Gremlin Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Student Interface Designer

I deeply appreciate this my friend. :) Its a real pleasure to know how my work has inspired yours and kept you going. :) I can say the same for for as well, for many reasons actually;one of them being that your depiction of Rugeley Centurion in spotted scrubs has gone on to become the standard outfit for him, and a similar one for his younger brother Rodney. :) Your story of Iggy Koopa interned within the insane asylum (I forget its name) inspired the Wild Bunch (Although as time has gone by, the original design for one of the Wild Bunch Leaders, Lindisfarne Guillemot, has since been lost, and several Wild Bunch leaders have been re-scripted as hero characters instead of villains. Among these are Ballycotton O'Donnell, whose role was changed to an undercover agent sent by the government to gather info on the Wild Bunch, and Warwick Hartsock, whose character bio has been completely reworked to correspond with his sister's bio.) The original Wild Bunch characters were Dudley Parker, his younger brother Ronny Parker, Craig Telfer, Hermes Devonport, Conroy Ashdon, Humewood O'Carlen, Gunfleet Brenton, Kingston Canbury, Mendoza Gasparilla, Dale Pocock, Alan Sheckter, Thresher Newmarket, Lindisfarne Guillemot, Leslie Orwell, Milo Dirkson, Eaton Rockland, and Emile La Foch. Several new characters have been to the Wild Bunch since then; they are: Birchill Crawford, Beavertail Sherman, Felixstowe Marshall, Makapu'u, Swanbank Hendra, Pinkston Cockenzie, Courtney Portobello, Zaara Van Halen, Islip Islington, Eggborough Gazeley, Andrew Cockleton, Slyne O'Driscoll (Who replaced Ballycotton O'Donnell. They look alike, but Ballycotton has red stripes on his shirt whilst Slyne has green stripes on his shirt.), Crazy Tommy Tillis, Cartwright Cook, Doyle Simmons, Eugene Bowman, Roy Gullman, Ike Fletcher, and Trypolis Capenfield. The original Wild Bunch along with Iggy were originally going to star in a comic called Asylum, but it never got off the ground even though a few panels were written. The Wild Bunch were going to escape while Marie Corbiel and her friend Stella Lancaster were visiting a friend. A second one was planned where Constance was knocked unconscious by a Wild Bunch grenade and fell into a concussion-sustained coma. Prior to waking up, she would have a dream about going after the Wild Bunch to get revenge, but time restraints kept this and many other good ideas from taking off. Your art style is the reason I've tried to perfect my drawing style as well. Unfortunately, college has now interfered with all my artworks, in what is probably going to be the most draining and difficult year of college for me, and I'm too afraid to tell my other watchers that I cannot make art like I used to. Plus, I don't get holidays except for public holidays, so any new stories I want to write I can't write because of this interruption. 

I am honored to have been the source of your inspiration, as not many people pay attention to my art or its style because its not of anything famous or popular like (To name a few), Sonic The Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Undertale, Five Nights at Freddie's, and Super Girl. I prefer to make fictional places using real life places, and characters with only certain powers such as invulnerability, the ability to breathe underwater teleportation etc...not stuff like fairy magic, wizardry, the ability to fly without wings etc. I have a fascination with old industrial buildings because these are often overlooked by architecture buffs, and this has been the reason so many impressive looking power stations, factories, grain towers, warehouses and gristmills have disappeared as they are often overlooked and pushed aside. They too make important plots for stories. 

I hope to get back on the art grind again soon, as the boredom at home after college is a painful feeling. If I can't get to drawing pictures, I'll have to make a sacrifice and start text based stories without the art. I feel proud to know that someone appreciates my work and that it has inspired them too. :) 

EdieMammon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's almost as if some people, like you and me, are destined to find underground fandoms, and each other. Sometimes it's even thrust upon us. There's no easy explaination as to what it was about Rugeley that resonnated with me, but either way I connected with the character and the aesthetics of your works. Isn't it sad that some things will never have a renaissance, such as old power stations and brutalist architecture? Here's a gem by the way. :)
Concrete, steel and glass also have their stories to tell.

(In my book you're credited simply as "Luke", by the way. I hope that's okay.)

I've been meaning to ask you - remember that very first drawing I made of Rugeley a million years ago? Do you still have the artwork you gave me as a reference? Or even remember it? You've changed accounts since then, but if you have it it would make my day.  :)
The-Kiwi-Gremlin Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Student Interface Designer
Yep, I still have it, plus a lot of other stuff I thought has been lost to the sands of time. :) I keep my old drawings, to compare them with future designs of the same characters. The only thing I've lost so far is the original vector I made of Lindisfarne, which I can find nowhere, although I know he had a pink colour, and shared his design with Murimotu, whose vector I used to design Lindisfarne. And yes, the Concrete Steel and Glass buildings, the 1920's 1950's streamlined concrete will never have a renaissance. Gone are the days of beautiful facebrick power stations with matching chimneys. The new ones they build today are bland steel-clad boxes with "straws" for chimneys made of raw concrete. Compare this lovely mid 1910's mid 1950's architectural mix… to the bland box like edifices they were building in the 1960s and today still…;

Rugeley was the first character I had a good affiliation with, and remains one of my personal favourites. His background has been changed to suit the updated storyline, where he opened the world's first proper power station in 1920 as sections of it continued to be built. This is it here :)…; He went on to start Artemis Power Unlimited, Montserrat's sole power utility. His closest friend, if you can remember him, is Spencer Flagstaff, although he is not very well associated with the rest of the characters due to him being a "Centerville Boy." Centerville is now the official name of the former Melbourne Metropolitan Area, which was abandoned by its inhabitants in 1966 due to increasing violence and gangster-ism. Centerville remains an empty shell today, and is covered in graffiti all over the place. This picture here that you painted years ago… depicts one of the most recognisable Centerville Buildings, the old Spencer Street Power Station. There are three power stations left abandoned in Centerville: Richmond, Spencer Street, and its larger and taller twin at Newport. When the government ordered Melbourne to be abandoned, Rugeley quickly had one turbine from Spencer Street, Richmond and Newport salvaged and transported to the Artemis Power Museum in Sydney (Better known as The Hub). The rest of the abandoned equipment remains inside. A nice view of Centerville can be seen in this comic which is set in Centerville itself… I plan to finish the comic, but once I get a good interval from College. Since that will be a while, you should check out my newest works before college interrupted. Beware, most of these were done before the recent storyline and designs changes, so they aren't accurate (Some of them at least).………… A lame attempt at digital art. :XD:… This was done to honor my rugby team that won the Rugby World Cup two years ago, the first to win 3 Cups and the first to win it Back-To-Back! :)… This was my most viewed and successful story to date, but college sadly derailed the project as it did many others.… This was the first depiction of what Centerville looked like.… An attempt to draw life aboard ship as guests of the Emperor. 

These are in the wrong order, so they need to be viewed from the last page. There are several new characters that have been introduced into the story, and they are depicted here. I have so many new ideas for comics that I can't exploit due to college, and the alarming rate of power failures we've been having due to shoddy maintenance. (And yes, Luke is fine to use in your book. :)

I'll try to find the rest of those classic drawings tomorrow when I get home, college is going to eat me tomorrow. 
EdieMammon Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course I remember Spencer 😊 he's prominently featured in the Your Poison of Choice comic and in some All My Koopalings strips. Here he is related to Rugeley and they retain their respective orange and purple color schemes. They work at the loony bin Iggy and Bonita are at but in different positions. Rugeley is a nurse and Spencer is a general doctor.
Actually I designed the smiley face uniform Rugeley wears way back in 2004 for a completely different character. But its irony was already there. Rugeley is a no nonsense kind of guy and a bit of a control freak. Where yellow smiley faces fit in is a mystery.
The-Kiwi-Gremlin Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Student Interface Designer
I didn't even notice the smiley faces to be honest. :XD: I always drew the simple round dots and just coloured them yellow. Rodney, Rugeley's younger brother, also wears a similar outfit, excepts the spots are orange. Wild Bunch Cabinet Leader, Eggborough Gazeley (Whom I designed using a recoloured vector of Rugeley) wears the same outfit except with green spots. It's almost impossible to impersonate Eggborough, as he has a noticeable set of squint eyes, which is very difficult if not impossible to fake. Here is a very rare drawing of Rodney Centurion, who has not been featured in many drawings, and this about the only drawing I have of him side by side with his brother Rugeley.… This blast from the past has a much clearer view of the two brothers in digital vector form.… And of course, here is Eggborough… You can see the squint eyes.

His squint eyes (Inspired by Lemmy) are clearly visible and better depicted here………… It clearly says here that Eggborough was based on Rugeley.

These two pictures are of Eggborough's first ever appearance (As well as the debut of Islip Islington) Somehow, I forgot to give him the squint eyes in these.……
Ferroth Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Cute and very cool! :) well done man. Hope you had a good valentines.
Cambion-Hunter Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Cute job, and also, Happy Valentine's Day to you too. :)
puglov90 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww that looks so cute ❤❤
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