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This an extremely beautiful shot of a Snowy Owl; one of the most graceful creatures on this planet. In your photo you can actually see ...

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Journal History


Status Update March/April 10 2017

Well, sleeping problems and a straining college schedule are keeping me from getting anything done. 
Microscopics Unlimited Part 9
This Panel features the OC of my long friend :iconediemammon: , whom I’ve recently regained contact with. Prior to this, my story line has changed quite a lot. featured in this panel is the Randomville Island Chain, which is a series of artificial islands that were built after the Montserratian Civil War by the victorious Nationalist Government using rubble from the cities. We are here in Barbados Metro Area, in the Bridgetown Neighbourhood. Kelly Wright (Far Left) is furious that she has to work the restaurant shift that morning while her friends get to hang out as the celebrations continue in regards to the recently celebrated centenary of the start of the historically important Montserratian Revolution (Feb 11 1917), the first step towards the Civil War. As Kelly steps outside to set up the tables, Constance, her twin sister Gina, their twin cousin Heather Porter and of course good ol' Bonita walk by. 

"Where are you lot going!?" Kelly asked in dismay. 

"Schuylkill is performing a concert at the docks this morning!" Constance said enthusiastically. "We're going to go watch, we've got the best seats in the house!" 

This made Kelly fume. 

"You lot get to go see Schuylkill live and I'm stuck here doing waitress work!?" Kelly protested. 

"Unfortunately Kelly, your required community work quota has not been fulfilled yet." Bonita explained. "Ours has, so we get the time off." 

"I find it a bit unfair." Kelly moaned. 

"You'll understand soon, Kelly." Gina reassured. 

"I seriously doubt you would understand it FYI!" Kelly piped up. 

"That's an insult, Kelly!" Heather scolded. 

"I know we're close friends Kelly, but you don't talk to my sister like that!" Constance cried. 

"I understand you're upset that you have to work, but you need to finish your required quota." Bonita reminded. 

"Why don't you lot just get out of my hair and get on with your day!" Kelly snapped. 

"That's enough Kelly!" Heather shouted. "You'll get into trouble!" 

Kelly, now annoyed, walked back into the restaurant as the other 4 girls giggled on. 

"She'll get over it!" Constance chuckled. 
Yep, that's me in the photo, but I'm a really private person, so I don't like my face being shown. However, the focus is not on me, its on the marvellous fish in my hands. I caught this beauty on a warm morning a month back when visiting my great aunt who lives along the river. This beautiful fish is a local Spotty (As seen by the spots on its side). It grabbed the hook within seconds of casting the line, and I couldn't believe it when I reeled it in. It was a rather large fish, one of the biggest I've ever caught, but it doesn't eclipse my personal record; which was a massive Blacktail I reeled out of the Bonza Bay River (Where I nearly drowned once as a youngster). This Spotty was a decent pan size, meaning it was perfect for cooking. However, I'm a sport fisherman, and kindly let the silver beaut back into the river. I would never have the heart to catch and cook one of these beautiful fish. 
An important announcement: Due to time constrictions regarding Varsity (South African version of College), a switch from drawings to text versions of my stories is in effect from today. Only the annual traditional Spring Water Games Comic and my collab with :iconpiegeo190: (2065) will continue to be drawn on paper. A picture code will determine as to what you can expect from the comic.
Time for something different, time for some story-line/character trivia. 

1. Emperor Jervis Vaucluse is from District 3 (Which is based on a scaled down Australia), but he speaks with a sort of Russian Accent (Think Viktor Reznov).

2. The Korean and Vietnam Wars never took place. The only large scale conflicts of the 20th century were the Montserratian Civil War (January - July 1920), the Fools War (1941-1945), and the Great Middle Island Civil War (1960-1964). 

3. The Flagship of the Free People's Navy is a 388 meter long monster battleship, the HMMS Honiara.

4. The Capital City of Jarvis Town is 98% Art Deco, as the Nationalists rebuilt the entire city from scratch as part of their "Liberal Cleansing" Project; where all the Liberal-Era buildings etc were in some way disposed of. Buildings etc from the Republican Era were retained. 

5. The rubble from the city-wide demolition project was crushed/pulverised and then dumped west of District 3 to form the Randomville Island Chain.

6. Montserrat's two national anthems are based on Japan's and the Soviet Unions. 

7. Jarvis Town's largest inner-city area is Sydney, better known as "The Hub"; as this is where all the main tourist attractions, civilian-armed forces bases, government buildings, commercial facilities and factories are located. 

8. Jarvis Town's second largest inner-city area is Melbourne, but was renamed to Centerville in 1967 due to public demand. Melbourne was abandoned by its inhabitants in 1965 (for reasons that are happening in real life). It got the nickname "Centerville" from an old statement made by one of Jervis's closest friends: "This ville is the center of District 3's trouble-making problems!" Centerville remains abandoned to this day, and is now a haven for graffiti vandals and Airsoft Teams.

9. Montserrat has a civilian-based defence policy, so its not uncommon to see people picnicking on Army Base lawns or to see tanks in backyards, or even AA guns fitted to the roofs of large buildings. 

10. Patriotism is a major following in Montserrat, and the national colours (Blue, White, and Red) are painted on every large round structure, be it chimneys, silos, storage tanks etc, even lamp posts are adorned with the National Colours.

11. LGBT Rights are not recognised by the Nationalist government due to issues pertaining to the old Liberal Government, but men and women have the same rights. 

12. Montserrat's most loved sport is rugby, but they refuse to take part in the World Cup as they are capable of beating anyone they play. So instead, they host the World Cup. Current Champions (2015) are Japan. 

13. Gatcombe wears an odd looking body armour, which was what he designed and wore during the Nationalist Revolution (Feb 11 1917- Jan 14 1920).

14. Crowley Mortlake and his brother Fenwick are Montserrat's sole demolition experts. However, they are sometimes called abroad to deal with large scale demo projects due to their good reputation. Demolition of buildings in Jarvis Town is forbidden due to a protection order to preserve the Post Civil War legacy of the Capital City.

15. The only shipbreaking yards in the world are located in Montserrat, and are owned by Henry and Samuel Ludlam, the world's most powerful scrap metal tycoons. Their biggest yard is located in the muddy banks off Mackay.

16. Montserrat celebrates 100 Years of Freedom under the Nationalist Government in July 2020.

17. Liptrap drinks 2 bottles of brandy a day. He passes out before he can get to the 3rd bottle.

18. The accent spoken by Queenslanders (The very same accents as the real life Queensland Accent) is called the "Cape York" Accent.

19. Sir Hastings Rothman, aka "The Brutalist", is the strongest man in the world, and holds several wrestling and boxing titles, and remains undefeated.

20. Montserrat's smallest inhabitant (And the smallest person in the world) is Tiny Tim, who is no bigger than an average sized dustbin.

21. Kelly Wright (16) is the world's best female surfer. This is from having originated from Tynemouth, which is District 4's prime surfing location. 

22. The most widespread weapon is not the AK-47, but the much loved SKS, which Montserrat exported to all of its Allied Nations, although other favorites include the FN FAL and the FG-42.

23. Fincastle, a member of the Microscopics (Founded by Tiny Tim in 1917 during the Revolution) is referred to as the "Walking Arsenal" due to the insane number of weapons he can carry on him. His other nickname is the "Walking Bomb", due to his destructive nature and insane amount of explosives he carries. Single handed, he can level an entire neighbourhood if not an entire city.  

24. Constance Pyestock (16), is the prettiest girl in the world. She was also the youngest volunteer to see action during the Montserratian Civil War. 

25. Sir Naseby Heathcliff, the most decorated Montserratian Civil War Veteran, is one of 18 famous brothers from District 2 (Based on a scaled down version of New Zealand.)

26. Montserrat's strongest allies are Japan, South China Island, Great Middle Island, Gildica, and Tompkins Island. 

27. The only crimes in Montserrat are Vandalism and Drug Abuse. 

28. Montserrat prevented herself from being bashed by animal activists for keeping captive dolphins at its famous Marineland Complex in The Hub by breeding rescued dolphins who could not be released back into the sea due to their injuries. Plus; the dolphin pools at Marineland are extremely large in order to give the dolphins more freedom. Marineland is Constance's favourite place in town, and therefore she is a volunteer there. 

29. Montserrat is home to the Nightriders, the world's No.1 Heavy Metal Band. 

30. Montserrat is a nuclear armed; although their weapons are hypothetically designed not to give off radiation, and these bombs are mostly kept in reserve to keep more the smaller (Montserrat is the largest nation in the world) inferior trouble making nations at bay.

30. The Space Race was not a priority for the Montserratian Government, so no moon landings ever took place. Cape Canaveral is also not a space center, but rather a large missile base for the Free People's Air Force. Nuclear and Conventional Missiles are stored and launched here from massive underground silos. The only space center in Montserrat is the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Monsterrat's 3rd largest city, Motherland City (Based on a scaled down version of Russia), but this spaceport is only used to send astronauts into space to carry out maintenance to satellites and the Hubble Telescope. Montserrat has no interest in going Mars or the Moon.

31. The sky above Veskus Island (Montserrat's second largest city) is turquoise/aquamarine during the day, and dark red at night. This phenomenon remains unexplained. 

32. Brown's Candy is the Montserratian version of Wonka Candy, but will give Wonka a run for its money. 

33. Communism was a short lived ideology. 

34. Every year on January 15 (The anniversary of the start of the Montserratian Civil War), Leaders of the Allied Powers arrive by warship in Jarvis Town to discuss politics, exchange weapons and technology, and their armed forces take part in joint liver fire exercises. 

35. If found guilty of a federal offence, in accordance with party tradition, your punishment is to be carried out either immediately or as soon as possible. 

36. In Montserratian Courts, the jury has the final say rather than the judge or magistrate. Montserrat's primary court is the Jarvis Town High Court of the People, located in The Hub. 

37. Constance Pyestock is the world's best female swimmer, holding several records that remain unbeaten. 

38.Foulness Island, located in District 4, is known for its ceaseless gunfights between two warring Brotherhoods trying to claim control over the island. They are the white clothed Maplin Brotherhood, and the blue clothed Ridgemarsh Brotherhood. A similar conflict can be observed in District 4's Northumberland County by warring factions on Brownsman and Staple Islands. The Free People's Coast Guard has to put up with countless missions to recover injured men from both islands. Foulness is connected to the mainland by a mudwalk called the "Broomway"; a foggy and dangerous walk where the remains of ships and the Maplin Sands Lighthouse can be observed. Despite its dangerous reputation, there is no risk of being harmed by any of the two warring brotherhoods on the island, as they tend to avoid this area. 

38. Kingston Upon Hull was flooded out in 1951 due to a messed up drainage system put together by the former Liberal Government. The local factories salvaged what they could and re-opened in nearby Sculcoates. Hull remains flooded as a testament as to how bad the Liberal Government actually was. 

39. Montserrat was the first nation with an aircraft carrier and a guided missile cruiser. 

40. Earth Hour is considered unimportant by the Montserratian Government, so in an act of defiance, Montserrat and her allies increase the power output of their power stations, factories, and set lights to their maximum brightness just to tick of the smaller lesser nations who believe in it. Climate Change is not a real thing (And I seriously doubt that it even exists, and the proof is in the Bible.), and Montserrat and her allies refuse to acknowledge it. Protests by Greenpeace and Climate Camp have all being thwarted by soldiers from the Free People's Army. 

41. In real life, the Australian Government proposed to build a Nuclear Power Station at Jervis Bay, but this did not happen. In Montserrat however, the power station was built (It commenced operation in 1953), and uses Nuclear Fusion Power, which was invented in District 1, several centuries ahead of its time.

42. The Largest Nuclear Fusion Power Station is located on Five Mile Island in the Randomville Island Chain, and powers most of the smaller islands in the area via the world's longest submarine cable. The largest conventional power station is also located nearby at Morant Point, which has the longest chimney in the world. 

That's all for now. 


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Anyways, I got some GREAT news. Sydney Kicked Fremantle's Butts by 90 points (137-47) 

And It all happened on Fremantle's OWN HOME TURF. Even One of Freo's players (Matthew Pavlich) celebrated his 350th game
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Thanks for the fave and spending a moment in thought   NaNoEmo day 11 - Remember 

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I was watching Essendon (A Melbourne-based-team) playing against Brisbane Lions

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Best part: Brisbane WON by 37 points

Essendon: 91
Brisbane: 128

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