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Your description fits the image and the message perfect. New Zealand, in my opinion, is the most beautiful country in the world. The cu...

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This an extremely beautiful shot of a Snowy Owl; one of the most graceful creatures on this planet. In your photo you can actually see ...

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This is Luke the Spook from a nightmare that will make my OC Character Marie Johnson unable to sleep for at least a week or two! This i...



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Microscopics UNLTD Part 8
This panel features the character/s of :iconaxlreigns:

Munda and Skew promised to not tell anyone about Constance and Krissy's inappropriate behaviour.
Unfortunately, Heather Radcliffe, one of Constance's 5 twin sisters (4 if you don't count the bratty Emily), picked up on what Constance and Krissy had done, and decided to use a similar method to woo her boyfriend, Alphonso Trent, who happens to be Donahue's younger brother.

Unbeknown to Heather, Snarky and Eroj, a Microscopic formerly from the Marshall Islands, were sitting in a nearby tree waiting for someone to pass by that they have been spying on.

"Where is he Snarky!?" Eroj piped up.

"I don't see him." Snarky replied, looking through a binoculars towards the suspected area. "He must be trying to play it safe."

"Midway is crawling with people Snarky, he's bound to be seen!" Eroj remarked.

"I hope he shows up soon!" Snarky said sombrely. "We didn't prepare this for nothing!"

Alphonso then came walking through, and Heather put on her move.

"Wow Heather, how did you become so hot!?" Alphonso drooled.

"I am Constance's sister in case you've forgotten!" Heather said playfully.

"Eroj, here comes the jerk now!" Snarky cried, having spotted Liptrap coming up the path.

"Does he still have the bottle in his hand?" Eroj asked.

"Affirmative, he still has the bottle." Snarky confirmed.

"Let's roll!" Eroj snickered.

As Liptrap walked past where Alphonso and Heather were seducing each other, Eroj and Snarky grabbed a rope and swung out of the tree. Snarky swiped the bottle out of Liptrap's hand.

"HEY YOU FOOLS, THAT'S MINE!" Liptrap hollered.

"You shouldn't be drinking this in the first place!" Snarky snickered.

Eroj and Snarky let go of the rope, dropped to the ground and ran off with the bottle. Liptrap stood with his tongue hanging out at the sight of Snarky and Eroj running off with the bottle.

"The Python has a point you know Liptrap." Heather scolded.
Microscopics UNLTD Part 7
This panel features the character/s of :iconaxlreigns:

The Crossbones Pirates have 3 members that belong to the Microscopics....Skew the Frill Lizard, Snarky the Python, and Rapscallion the Pterodactyl.

Skew and Munda decided to challenge each other to a game of Gin, but to avoid distractions, they climbed up a palm tree not far from Midway's Ocean Park Aquarium.

"I bought some liquorise sticks for a bit of 'character'!" Munda snickered.
"Its better than the 'real thing!'" Skew snickered back, hinting to smoking.

"I'm going to get you this time Munda!" Skew bragged.

"Forget it Skew, I am the undisputed champion here!" Munda bragged back.

"If its undisputed, then why do we challenge each other!?" Munda laughed.

"Let's not get technical!" Munda laughed.

"Hey, isn't that Constance and Krissy!?" Skew piped up.

"They must be visting Ocean Park." Munda concluded.

"Without Donahue?" Skew said in suspicion.

"Maybe he's still on his way." Munda replied. "He must have been busy."

"Donahue you should be swinging around very soon." Constance said to Krissy as the two walked up to Ocean Park.

"I haven't been here for ages." Krissy replied.

"Neither have I." Constance replied. "I never get out this far in town."

"I thought you'd go here for work." Krissy remarked.

"Hey, lets tease Donahue when he gets here!" Constance shouted joyfully.

"Tease, what the heck does that mean!?" Munda whispered to Skew.

"How do we do that?" Krissy asked.

"We'll lean against these trees, and hold our fingers on the rim of our skirts." Constance explained with a visible blush.

"What are those broads doing!?" Skew whispered to Munda.

"Playboy, what else do you think!?" Munda whispered back to Skew.

Donahue came walking up the path when he noticed Constance and Krissy leaning against the trees and striking a hot pose. He didn't notice Munda and Skew in the tree, liquorise sticks hanging from their mouths.

Donahue was frozen in his spot by the sight of Krissy and Constance pulling a hot pose, with visible blushes on their faces.

"I can't take this crap, let's climb higher Skew." Munda moaned. As he and Skew proceeded to climb higher into the tree, it caught the attention of Donahue and the girls.

"Oh no, Skew and Munda have been watching us the entire time!" Constance said in embarrassment.

"If you promise to never do that sort of move ever again, I won't report you to the others!" Munda warned.

Constance and Krissy gave an embarrassed look.  
Microscopics UNLTD Part 6
This panel features the favorite character/s of :iconshiftytheplaneh:

If you thought Tassafaronga had a bad attitude and was bad tempered, allow me to introduce you to his Brother-In-Law, Kolombangara!

Kolombangara was in charge of the Gremlin Fleet defending the waters off Guadalcanal during the Fools War, and led the Gremlin Fleet into battle alongside the Allied Powers' ships during the Night Battles of Savo Island, Cape Esperance, Tassafaronga, Kolombangara, Kula Gulf, Vella Gulf, Vella Lavella, and Rennell Island.

He was a strict but fair leader, but he had a rather strong attitude.

With everything on Guadalcanal wrapped up, the Emperor flew the Anthro Gang up to Midway Island where celebrations were set to continue.
Upon arriving at Midway, Colt Kangaroo took his bags to his room and went to fetch his other stuff from the plane, and when got back to his room, the contents of his bags were strewn all over the floor.

"KOLOMBANGARA!" Colt screamed. Kolombangara sped into the room, greeted by the horrendus sight of Colt's stuff messed all over the floor.

"What sort of sick joke is this!" Kolombangara growled.

"All my stuff is messed everywhere, now I have to clean everything up!" Colt cried.

Kolombangara then saw some familiar faces hiding in the bush outside the window.


Kolombangara drew his Nambu Pistol while Colt grabbed his slingshot, and chased after Cliffy, Hazelwood, Morewell, Loy Yang.

"Run boys, don't let them catch us!" Shouted Cliffy. Kolombangara fired some warning shots into the air to scare the boys.

"Let me have a go!" Cried Colt.

"Be my guest." Replied Kolombangara. Colt opened up with his slingshot, and an armed pursuit followed.

Cliffy and his boys dove into some bushes behind a building, but Kolombangara and Colt followed close behind.

"Colt, we need to check the bush, they are bound to be here!" Kolombangara growled.

"Split up or stick together!?" Colt asked.

"We stick together!" Kolombangara responded. "Let's get them!"

"Which way do we go first?" Colt asked.

"We stick to our current path!" Kolombangara replied. "We'll check the buildings as well!"
Microscopics UNLTD Part 5
This panel features the character/s of :iconaxlreigns:

This panel marks the first appearance of two of my newest characters....Krissy Moana and Tassafaronga.

Krissy Moana was originally from Hawaii, but shortly before the Montserratian Revolution, her tribe's chief sent her to Jarvis Town to train for the Civil War, since she was 18 years old (The only 16 year old to fight in the Civil War was Constance Radcliffe).
She later fought in the Montserratian Civil War, and many photos of the conflicts she took part in show her fighting in a long Hawaiian dress. After the war, Jervis invited her to join the Anthro Gang, an offer she accepted.
She later made a brief return to Hawaii at the start of the Fools War to prepare her people for an anticipated invasion by the Communist Marxist Federation.
However, the Marxists focused more on trying to subdue Guadalacanal and New Guinea, and Hawaii was never invaded. The Fools War ended in 1945 when Tiny Tim detonated two Thermonuclear bombs that wiped out the entire Marxist Leadership.
These detonations inspired the bikini, which was quickly banned by Jervis due to its indecent style. Montserrat's Polynesian community (Hawaii, Cook Islands, French Polynesia etc...) began to wear the bikini, especially under their grass skirts.
Jervis found the bikini better suited for Jarvis Town's Polynesian Communities, and the ban was lifted in these areas. Krissy wears one herself, on its own and with a grass skirt.

Tassafaronga was once a native Gremlin of Guadalcanal, and resided in Honiara. When Tiny Tim was calling for recruits to form the Microscopics, he went to New Guinea to join up.
He later returned to Honiara during the Fools War and along with his fellow Gremlins took part in the critically important night battles fought between ships of the Foulnean Red Navy and the vastly superior ships of the Free People's Navy supported by ships of the Allied Powers.


Picking off where I left off previous panel....

The next morning, Constance had recovered from her gluttony the previous day, and she made her way to Kukum Beach to join Krissy and Lucinda's sister Melissa for a luau.
Tassafaronga was on site to oversee proceedings. Kelly Wright (Not to be confused with Kelly Wainright, one of Constance's closest friends) decided to show up and try to spoil the fun. Tassafaronga was prepared to act.

"Kelly, you are not welcome here!" Tassafaronga warned. "Get lost!"

"Constance and Melissa are wearing bikinis!" Kelly accused.

"We are wearing stripy shorts!" Constance cried. "Melissa and I hate bikinis! Krissy can wear one because Polynesians look good in them, and therefore aren't banned from wearing them!"

"I still find it indecent what you 3 are wearing!" Kelly continued.

"Kelly, I swear today, I am going to mess you up if you don't leave now!" Tassafaronga threatened, holding his right fist up.

"You don't scare me!" Kelly said snobbishly.

"Wanna bet me!?" Tassafaronga snarled.

"You'd better leave before Tassafaronga gives you what's coming to you!" Shouted Melissa.

"He's not fooling around!" Krissy chimed in.

Looking at Tassafaronga's angry face, Kelly decided to leave to avoid being punched.
Microscopics UNLTD Part 4

This panel features the character/s of :iconferroth: 

Back at Rennell’s Place, Rennell was dishing out desserts on the house to the Anthro Gang. Drex was helping man the counter.

Drex is not part of the Microscopics as he is too tall, but he is good friends with Rennell because he rescued Drex from a burning ammunition depot during the Fools War.


“Constance has been eating one of each dish since we’ve been serving them.” Drex said in amusement.

“She’s entitled to it Drex, you know that as well as I do.” Rennell replied.


“What do you put in these desserts that makes them so tasty?” Constance remarked.


“It’s my secret recipe.” Rennell grinned.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me!?” Constance chuckled. Nearby, her boyfriend Donahue was staring at her.


“Man, she looks so hot when she’s topless!” Donahue drooled, hinting at the fact that she was wearing a hula bra, stripy shorts, and a grass hula skirt.


“Wait until you see me do the luau!” Constance teased.


“Drex, ever since I had some guard the fridge, Liptrap hasn’t been able to help himself to alcohol.” Rennell explained, pointing towards the kitchen area.


“I hope the liquor stores have been warned too.” Drex replied. “That’s where he will go if he can’t get his drink here.”


A few dessert dishes later, Rennell served a bowl of ice cream to Constance, who looked at it in an awkward way.


“Oh goodness me.” Constance moaned, holding her left hand against her stomach.


“Is there something wrong?” Drex asked.


“My stomach is cramping.” Constance moaned.

“You’ve got stomach cramps?” Drex responded.


“Rennell, take the ice cream back, I don’t think I will be able to eat it.” Constance moaned, pushing the bowl of ice cream back across the counter.


“I wonder what’s given her a stomach ache.” Rennell said inquisitively.


“Isn’t it obvious Rennell, she’s been eating too many desserts!” Drex chuckled.


“I should never have had that last cream tart.” Constance groaned, holding her stomach in agony.


“Go and take something for those cramps and then go lie down, it’s the best thing for you to do right now.” Rennell suggested.


“I’ll never make a pig of myself ever again.” Constance groaned as she got off the chair.


“Too much of a good thing is bad for you Constance, remember that.” Drex suggested.


“I think I’m going to vomit.” Constance wretched. She ran for the boundary wall and leaned over the side, and vomited over the wall.


“I don’t feel so good.” Constance moaned.


“Take something for those cramps and nausea and then go lie down.” Drex suggested again. “It is the only way you are going to feel better.”


“Never again will I ever make a pig of myself like that.” Constance moaned. 
So, I've been to the doctor regarding my inability to get decent sleep at night, and it turns out that it is the negative sides effects of a certain medication (I will not say what and why due to personal reasons) that I have taking since I was 8 years old (I could be wrong). I am now 21 years old, and I have been on this medication for a long time as already stated, so the doctor has pointed out that having taken it for such a long time is beginning to have a negative effect on me. I have been given a different time of medication as part of the treatment process, not sure how long it will take, but is guaranteed to help me recover from the insomnia dilemma caused by the previous medication. Please wish me a full recovery back to health. :) 
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